Website Design and Development

I build responsive sites using the latest WordPress technologies. This could be from a blank canvas to a custom theme or customising an existing theme.


Woocommerce was created by the developers of WordPress and it integrates well into a WordPress site. Woocommerce gives you a great deal of control over all aspects of your online store, including product, pricing and shipping options.
I have extensive experience with customisation of Woocommerce sites. I can help you achieve outcomes like having both a retail and a wholesale version of your e-commerce store on a single website.

Website Hosting and Maintenance

Through my company, One Stop Sites, I offer a complete website hosting service. I am happy to clone and install your existing site on our servers or establish a new site from scratch. This includes purchasing a domain for you, if that is required.
Websites built on CMS’s such as WordPress are vulnerable to security issues if not kept regularly updated. I can provide a maintenance service as well as on-going development of existing sites.

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