First Time Pregnancy

Advising Mothers-To-Be

First Time Pregnancy

The Brief

First Time Pregnancy was built as an authority site to leverage the owner’s medical knowledge to provide information and guidance to pregnant women and their partners.

It was planned in two stages:

  1. Building content and SEO to generate traffic.
  2. Monetising with Google Adwords

To generate traffic and high search engine rankings the site required “magnetic” content. In addition to the search engines, traffic needed to be generated from direct sources as well as social media.

The Solution

Thesis theme together with the Expressive skin was used to achieve an appropriate look and responsive layout.

Several elements were added to the site to draw traffic and extend the time spent on site (an important SEO factor). These included:

  • A due date calculator script.
  • A pregnancy infographic with 2 versions – desktop and mobile.
  • An “Am I Pregnant” quiz which estimates the probability of pregnancy based on key indicators.
  • A series of fetal development (week by week) pages to provide information about pregnancy stages

Plugins were used for functional purposes such as a sitemap, security and backups.

An Android app was developed by a partner incorporating website fetal development pages. It consequently drives traffic to the site.

Main Features

  • Theme customisation.
  • CSS customisation.
  • Integration of head scripts
  • Image editing, colours, typography
  • Responsive design
  • Google Analytics
  • SEO
  • Set up of Facebook, Google Plus and Pinterest pages to drive traffic to the site.